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Rob’s Reflections


Blessings to all of you! I've been talking a lot lately about "being the church."  The gospels are filled with parables about what it means to be the church. Paul spends most of his letters talking about what it means to be the church. I want to say this to each of you: we at Havelock Christian are being the church!


From the beginning of the pandemic our leaders said we were not going to let the virus get in the way of our being the church. We’ve made responsible choices for protecting everyone, but nevertheless we have continued being the church at worship. And it has worked beautifully. We need to thank the following folks for making sure we could worship outdoors‑‑Rick and Mary; Curt; John and Jean; Don; Glen; Jeremiah, and others. They made sense out of some fairly sophisticated technology to get us going. They arrive early to make sure we're set up and everything is working properly. They troubleshoot almost every Sunday to keep us going. 


Finally, I want to thank Hope and Adam. Hope selects and plays beautiful and uplifting music for us. Adam brings us thoughtful and deeply moving prayers. We are blessed by these folks!!


I also want to thank our visitors from other churches. I'm especially mindful this week of our brothers and sisters from East Lincoln and Crestwood Christian Churches. They have been with us and supported us for the last many months. Beginning August 31, East Lincoln and Crestwood will try their own parking lot worship service. While we will miss them, we will pray daily for them as they merge two congregations and continue to minister to our community. May God truly bless them. 


Likewise, we’ve had regular guests from Bethany Christian Church. Bethany plans to resume in-house worship services on September 13. Again, we will miss these friends as they return to their own sanctuary, but we will be praying for success for their worship venture as well.


Havelock Christian will continue at 6520 Colfax, so please come, and invite friends to join us. See you in the parking lot!

– Dr. Rob


Sundays following Pentecost: Liturgical Color is Green representing growth in Jesus

September 6

    Exodus 12:1‑14

    Psalm 149

    Romans 13:8‑14

    Matthew 18:15‑20


September 13

    Exodus 14:19‑31

    Psalm 114

    Romans 14:1‑12

    Matthew 18:21‑35


September 14

    Numbers 21:4b‑9

    Psalm 98:1‑5

    1 Corinthians 1:18‑24

    John 3:13‑17


September 20

    Exodus 16:2‑15

    Psalm 105:1‑6, 37‑45

    Philippians 1:21‑30

    Matthew 20:1‑16


September 27

    Exodus 17:1‑7

    Psalm 78:1‑4, 12‑16

    Philippians 2:1‑13

    Matthew 21:23‑32

6520 Colfax Avenue
Lincoln, Nebraska 68507

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