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As of this writing, the Board of Havelock Christian Church has met and concluded that we simply cannot know exactly when we will begin to hold Sunday morning services again in the building. Be assured that our leadership, under the direction of Moderator Curt Peacock, will follow the science and the advice from the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), our mayor and our Governor.


So far we’ve had great leadership for making our Sunday morning services as good as they can be under these circumstances. Curt Peacock, John Dale, Rick Bickford, Don Eveland, and others have worked to make our sound easy to hear. With our new FM transmitter, we are able to accommodate those who wish to stay in their cars and listen through their radios. With strong amplification, it is also possible for those who sit outside in lawn chairs or listen in their cars with the windows down to hear.


We are so grateful that we have visitors from other congregations coming to join us. Our Property Chair, Glen Buchanan has done a masterful job of keeping the grounds in beautiful shape. When our visitors pull up to Havelock it is clear we are serious and inviting. I especially love the garden Glen has nourished in front of the door. All of our volunteers are doing a marvelous job of “keeping us going” in these uncertain times.


Our kids are doing a wonderful job of raising money for Kamp Kaleo – the summer camp ministry engaging both the United Church of Christ and our own Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Nebraska. Holly Gage is our youth and outdoor ministry specialist for the Nebraska Region. She was also youth minister for Adam Bales, back when he was just a youngster! This ministry is so incredibly important!


We’ve been taking two offerings during July. Of course, one supports our General Fund.  The other, our “Christmas in July” offering, being collected weekly by Miss Adalyn Bales, is helping to raise money for the Nebraska Region. The Region is responsible for many areas of outreach, not the least of which is the role of the Regional Minister to be a “minister to the ministers.”  The Rev. Chris Morton does this ministry exceptionally well. He is working overtime to be available in significant ways to our ministers and churches. We are lucky to have him in this post at this particular time, and we are happy to support him and the Region as much as we can.


We will continue to be the church at 66th and Colfax!! Blessings to each of you as we live out our calling to be a church of Jesus Christ.

– Dr. Rob


Sundays following Pentecost: Liturgical Color is Green representing growth in Jesus

August 2

    Isaiah 55:1‑5

    Psalm 145:8‑9, 14‑21

    Romans 9:1‑5

    Matthew 14:13‑21


August 9

   1 Kings 19:9‑18

    Psalm 85:8‑13

    Romans 10:5‑15

    Matthew 14:22‑33

August 16

    Isaiah 56:1, 6‑8

    Psalm 67

    Romans 11:1‑2a, 29‑32

    Matthew 15: (10‑20), 21‑28


August 23

    Isaiah 51:1‑6

    Psalm 138

    Romans 12:1‑8

    Matthew 16:13‑20


August 30

    Jeremiah 15:15‑21

    Psalm 26:1‑8

    Romans 12:9‑21

    Matthew 16:21‑28

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Lincoln, Nebraska 68507

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