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Rob’s Reflections

The last week has been historic for our country. As the pandemic continues, even many people have taken responsibility for themselves and others by practicing the guidelines we've been given by experts and our leaders. The weight of distancing, lost jobs, and the economy is almost unbearable for some. Now we are seeing peaceful demonstrations morph into riots across the country. We are more divided in this country than at any other time in my life. I'm reading about increased levels of depression and anxiety. Many more people are hungry now. It seems as if the world is falling apart in some ways.


However, we as Americans have always met big challenges. And I have to believe that we will again. I have always believed that Christian faith is the antidote to all that ails us. Living out of a posture of belief in the itinerant preacher who turned out be the Christ, we are empowered to be instruments that address all the problems I listed above. Most of us will choose to love rather than hate; to serve rather than escape to apathy; to regard our sisters and brothers as worthy of love as much as we are. All of this will help to bring about a better world, for everyone.


I want to thank all of you for your faithfulness during these hard times. I especially want to thank those who help get us set up on Sunday mornings. Our time together has been especially meaningful to me. Carry on, Havelock Christian Church!  See you in the parking lot.


                                                                               Blessings to you all!

– Dr. Rob


Sundays following Pentecost: Liturgical Color is Green representing growth in Jesus

June 7

    Genesis 1:1‑2:4a

    Psalm 8

    2 Corinthians 13:11‑13

    Matthew 28:16‑20


June 14

    Genesis 18:1‑15, (21:1‑7)

    Psalm 116:1‑2, 12‑19

    Exodus 19:2‑8a

    Psalm 100

    Romans 5:1‑8

    Matthew 9:35‑10:8, (9‑23)


June 21

    Genesis 21:8‑21

    Psalm 86:1‑10, 16‑17

    Jeremiah 20:7‑13

    Psalm 69:7‑10, (11‑15), 16‑18

    Romans 6:1b‑11

    Matthew 10:24‑39


June 28

    Genesis 22:1‑14

    Psalm 13

    Jeremiah 28:5‑9

    Psalm 89:1‑4, 15‑18

    Romans 6:12‑23

    Matthew 10:40‑42

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