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Our Denomination


Our denomination is called The

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  Our international headquarters are located in Indianapolis, Indiana, and represents congregations in 34 regions in the United States and Canada.



Our Regional Church is called The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Nebraska. It serves churches in all of Nebraska. The Regional Church provides leadership for youth camp and conference programs as well as assistance with the search and call of ministers.

Havelock Christian Church is in the Number 3 Cluster in East Central Nebraska called the Capitol Cluster.


Resources for Christian Women's Fellowship, called Disciples Women, are available from Disciples Home Missions.




Our denominational disaster relief and third world development program has the name of Week of Compassion. Named for the annual week long emphasis in February, Week of Compassion responds on our behalf to tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters immediately. This work includes the United States and the other six continents!



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Capitol Cluster Churches


Bethany Christian Church

1645 N. Cotner Blvd
Lincoln, NE  68505-1697
(402) 466-1957


CrossBridge Christian Church

2800 CrossBridge Pl.
Lincoln, NE  68504-3907
(402) 438-6443


Edenton Christian Church

7001 Edenton Rd
Lincoln, NE  68516-4324
(402) 486-4673


First Christian Church

430 S 16th St
Lincoln, NE  68508-2575
(402) 475-4289


SouthPointe Christian Church

7010 Helen Witt Dr
Lincoln, NE  68512-3612
(402) 420-2750


Southview Christian Church

2040 S 22nd St
Lincoln, NE  68502-2798
(402) 475-6756


First Christian Church and Enfocandonos en Dios

1702 Boyd St
Ashland, NE  68003-1749
(402) 944-7070


First Christian Church

205 N Seventh
Beatrice, NE  68310-3917
(402) 223-3842


Congregational-Christian Church

696 N Fifth St
David City, NE  68632-1402
(402) 367-3470




6520 Colfax Avenue
Lincoln, Nebraska 68507

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